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Brown-Forman Urban Design Studio Final Review 2010

December 14, 2010   |   School, Projects

The Brown-Forman Urban Design Studio conducted its final review on December 11 in the Zirmed Skyloft in Louisville. The studio, in collaboration with Bill Weyland of Louisville-based CITY Properties, examined the opportunities and difficulties facing development in downtown Louisville through a series of site-specific proposals. The site is in the heart of the city and is bounded on the west by 9th Street; the east by 8th Street; the north by Congress Alley; and the south by West Liberty. This is a pivotal area for downtown development and each of the student proposals attempted to find the right mix of housing, retail and commercial that will foster economic growth and urban vitality without compromising the existing urban condition. The studio was taught by Brooklyn-based architects Jing Liu and Florian Idenburg of Solid Objectives, and Brown-Forman Teaching Fellow Andrew Owens.

Raleigh Arrowood
Bart Gillespie
Elizabeth Jourdan
Michael Schenkenfelder
Adriana Torres
Neil Waddle
Joshua Ayoroa
Joshua Duddey
Robert Fisher
Anne Fugazzi
Chadwick Gallas
Shari Mullen
Bradley Prinz
Kellin Vellenowith
Brian Wilson
Brian Haulter
Autumn Midyett
Michael Mimms
Alexander Newman